A wedding is so many things. A pledge, gathering, celebration, affirmation, party. Everyone's wedding is different, in absolute terms, but also in what it means to you, the couple. And again, what it means to your guests and family. This uniqueness is what I strive to capture while documenting a wedding day.

 Photographing a wedding is an awesome responsibility. I take the utmost care to ensure that coverage is complete, and any surprises are good ones! Whether you are planning a traditional wedding, or have something surprising up your sleeves, (I have friends who were married wearing Gorilla Suits) I would love to hear about it.

 If you like the style of images presented here, and would like to discuss your wedding plans (or you just have a few questions, that is ok too), please fill out the contact form (In menu) and I will be in touch with you!

Expressive wedding photography that tells a beautiful story. Let me tell your story.