I have always found difficulty in writing about myself. What do you say about yourself, so that people feel somehow connected? Do I talk about having worked in the visual arts for decades? My widely varying interests? How my wife and I sold our house, and went sailing for two years? With cats?
Gretchen and I, while cruising in the Bahamas
What I can tell you is that I got my first “Real” camera in the Navy, and Interned at the Annapolis Capital Newspaper while attending St. Mary’s College of Maryland. For a few of the early years, I was focused on Shooting Sailboat racing, and was Yachting Magazine’s photographer for their popular race weeks. I spent 10+ years working as a video producer.

I shot my first wedding way back in College, and I love it. Maybe it is the joy and love that cuts though all the madness of today’s busy lives. A reminder that despite it all, most people still love and need each other.  It certainly is fun seeing family and friends, who never get together as often as they wish, truly enjoying each other’s company. And perhaps each wedding is a bit of affirmation of my own marriage, coming on 20 years.

I occasionally will go back through my work done over the years. I am surprised how well the bulk of my work has stood the test of time. Sure, the cameras have gotten better (My first auto focus camera focused terribly on it’s own, and it was Nikon’s flagship camera at the time.) And of course, I have improved upon the craft over the years. But what matters is the feeling, the emotion they convey. This is so much more important I feel, than the latest filters or such overused gimmickry.

To me this is validation that I am still doing the right thing, as my photographs are meant to be enjoyed for a lifetime, and more. It means that nothing beats a good eye, imagination, and the experience to bring them together.

There is lots more to tell, and I would be more than happy to begin to get to know you better, just let me know.